Have Fun at Old Shafer Creamery Event Center

Full Bar and Dancing



half priced drinks 6:30-7:30

room rental for partys and events

we are now booking bands for the fall lineup

saturday august 29

7 to 11

Saturday October 10th


october 17th

7 to 11

harrison street 7 to 11

Saturday august 29th

Craig clark 7 to 11

saturday october 10th

jack knife & the sharps

saturday october 17th 7 to 11

Brian naughton

saturday october 24th 7 to 11

Rock with Straight shot

friday september 11th 9 to 1

mark cameron band

saturday november 14th 7 to 11

we have a full bar, popcorn and pizzas.  There are also two local restaurants that will deliver.

Get in Touch

30215 Redwing Ave, Shafer, MN 55074, USA

(651) 983-5044

rock with straight shot

friday september 11th 9 to 1


(651) 983-5044

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